Visit England Star Gradings

For your assurance in choosing your holiday, Milkbere Cottage Holidays participates in the official VisitEngland quality standards, star ratings for some of their properties. The Quality Rose is the mark of this assessment scheme. Inspections are carried out independently, annually by a trained assessor from the Quality in Tourism team who will award stars from 1 to 5. Naturally the more stars the more luxurious. Milkbere inspects all properties before featuring them. All properties have to meet an extensive list of minimum requirements before being considered for a star grading.
3 Star – Good to Very Good level of accommodation.
4 Star – Very Good to Excellent level of accommodation.
5 Star – Excellent to Exceptional level of accommodation.
Gold Award – This award reflects a very high level of quality, to properties achieving the top of their star grading band.
Awaiting Grading – Properties described as “Awaiting Grading” are inspected by Milkbere and will be graded by VisitEngland in due course. Milkbere Holidays observes VisitEnglands code of conduct.